Limited 300 copy edition signed by the author.

Each copy contains a numbered copy of an original original photograph by Igor Sterpin.


The neo-realism that inspires Igor Sterpin expresses artistic simplicity and an approach to the social, to the historic and the poetic, in pursuit of how things used to be. The Italian neo-realism, especially in the movies, was inspired by the poetic realism of Jean Renoir and other French directors of the ‘30s. Therefore, when I see the photographs of Sterpin, I see a lot of the French humanism, since all the elements that contributed to the originality of that movement are, in some way, present in his work: daily life, moments of joy, children in the street, women and men at work, their habits, the city of Porto, the riverbanks of the Douro, the coffee shops… a watchful eye to the reality, but a reality that is adorned by the lights and shadows, by the obscurity, by the snow, by the rain and by so many other elements that you can create a work of art. Images that also have a political and social conscience in connexion to his time. 

Jhannia Castro


Publication: Jan, 2020

Publisher: ©espacio/jhanniacastro

Graphic Designer : StudioDobra

Printed by diário do porto


106 pages

Format: 19,5×24 cm

Printed on Curious Tranlucents Clear Munken Lynx and Creator Volume (Apnea)

Words by: Jhannia Castro, Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, Igor Sterpin

ISBN: 978-989-54294-7-9


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