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From Chic!ken to Chicken in Love

We are used to seeing animal photography framed within a context of nature, but Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini are photographers who develop their activity in the world of fashion, in the world of beauty, sophistication and luxury.  Thus, in the first phase of their project, with Chic!ken, they celebrate beauty and diversity where hens and roosters take on their own identity in images charged with sensuality and we could say a certain eroticism. This tells us how important the relationship between photographer and "model" is and how positive the impact of the avian world has on people and their potential to inspire us.

Chic!ken can be understood as a theoretical reflection that aims to provide a model of fashion experimentation that positively impacts the processes of identity configuration and individual expression. If in fashion everything is communication, in this case messages are transmitted whose power goes beyond the message that the pens themselves transmit.

The second part of the project comes with Chicken in Love, where Monti and Tranchellini's vision is above the camera, because here they do not limit themselves to portraying reality without giving an opinion, without having a criterion on what is being portrayed. The cultural diversity reflects the multiplicity, the coexistence and the interaction of the different coexisting cultures, at world level and in certain areas, and attends to the degree of variation and cultural richness of these with the aim of uniting and not differentiating.


Whoever degrades another degrades me,

And whatever is done or said returns at last to me.

Through me the afflatus surging and surging, through me the current and index.

I speak the pass-word primeval, I give the sign of democracy,

By God! I will accept nothing which all cannot have their counterpart of on the same terms.

( Song of myself, Walt Whitman)



Espacio Jhannia Castro


September 21, 2019 - November 2, 2019

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